Philadelphia-based band, the Bloodhound Gang, stirs up controversy in Russia with onstage stunt

During a recent show in Odessa, Ukraine, the Bloodhound Gang caused more than just lyrical controversy when bassist, Jared Hasselhoff, put a Russian flag down his pants and pulled it out through his backside as part of the band's performance. “Don’t tell Putin,” Hasselhoff said before doing so.

The New York Times reports that the Philadelphia-based group, best known for their potty-humored hit “The Bad Touch”, was immediately met with authorities once they caught wind of the flag stunt. Russia’s minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky wrote on Twitter, “these idiots are not going to perform.”

The rest of the band’s local gigs were canceled and they were forced out of the country. Before their flight took off on Sunday, their tour van was confronted with angry food throwing Russian citizens and a group of frontiersmen attempted to suffocate one of the band member’s with an American flag in an airport lounge.

Hasselhoff has apologized since the incident and pointed out that he usually stuffs items down his pants–it’s part of the act. Despite the playful alibi, Russian authorities are still considering pressing criminal charges against them.

Russia has been on a hot streak of persecuting musical acts that promote freedom of speech and human rights. Russian feminist punk band, Pussy Riot, have been under fire for quite some time, landing members in prison because of their pro-rights message. Madonna and Lady Gaga–who aren't shy about their gay rights support–apparently violated their visas during a recent visit because they performed. Authorities believe their music and pro-gay lyrics support a message that Russia does not.