New Rolling Stones song 'Doom and Gloom'


They're running late, but they're still running. The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary tour didn't come off in 2012 as anticipated, but the expectation is that the band of senior citizens will rock out around the globe next year.

This week Keith Richards said that the band has shows booked in London and New York that are rumored to be happening next month, and though no dates or venues have been confirmed, the U.S. shows are thought to be at Brooklyn's new Barclays Center

And of course, there's a new greatest-hits package on the way, this one a 3 CD set called Grrr! which is due Nov. 13. This morning, the Stones released one of two new songs to be included on the compilation, entitled "Doom and Gloom." The Don Was produced track is the first new Stones song in six years.

Kicking off with an immediately identifiable guitar riff and Charlie Watts snare snap, it's a much more than serviceable Stones song, with Mick Jagger swaggering and growling and inviting his paramour to dance despite the despair and destruction all around him. Not great, but pretty darn good.

As pointed out by perspicacious Hot Pennsyltucky Mess blogger and rock observer Patrick Berkery, the third verse of the song contains a reference to "fracking," though Sir Mick is focused on fracking for oil, not natural gas. Here "Doom and Gloom" below. 

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