Man Man makes unexpected cameo on 'Anderson Cooper 360' over their Wolf Blitzer-themed song

Philadelphia-based group Man Man has just released their wondrous new album, On Oni Pond. The band is known for it’s clashing of eccentric sounds and grizzly German beer hall-like chants with fable-like themes.

A song off their latest caught the ears of one handsome white-haired CNN news anchor named Anderson Cooper. During Thursday night's airing of Anderson Cooper 360º, Cooper profiled one of the band’s songs in his “RidicuList” segment. 

“Tonight I want to introduce you to the musical stylings of a band called Man Man,“ he said. “And there’s one song in particular on the new record that caught our attention – it’s called ‘End Boss.’ Let’s all take a listen and I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

The theme of the song surrounds a wolf-like character that sneaks into homes, stealing and eating babies – a bit of folkloreish songwriting we can assume, like so much of Man Man’s music. But, Cooper sees right through the storybook imagery and points out that the song is actually about a fellow CNN colleague of his – Wolf Blitzer. 

“The song isn’t about just any wolf. It is like so much of the art that surrounds us inspired by none other than Wolf Blitzer,” said Cooper

A rep for the show rang up the band’s frontman Ryan Kattner, aka Honus Honus, to confirm that his speculations were true. Kattner told them, “I thought it’d be more interesting to re-imagine the wolf being Wolf Blitzer sneaking into houses and devouring children… Just picturing Wolf’s calm face, kind eyes, smiling gray beard shooting pool in a Barrio bar with a baby dancing in his belly, while dreaming of a young Glenn Danzig and drinking lemon flavored vodka, still gets to me.” 

They then show a picture of Honus Honus wearing a patterned tunic of Wolf Blitzer’s face and Anderson Cooper publicly wishes that he was at a Man Man concert instead of sitting at his anchor desk.