Made in America 2013: Weed-rapper Wiz Khalifa gets crowd high on set

Made In America 2013
Wiz Khalifa raps on the Rocky Stage during the Budweiser Made In America 2013 along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sunday, September 1, 2013. ( Yong Kim / Staff Photographer )

 "I came up in the motherf*cker to party!"

Pittsburgh weed-rapper Wiz Khalifa brought his a-game to the Rocky Stage late Sunday afternoon. Equipped with a hard rocking band, Wiz and company dripped with sweat as they performed a high energy party set.

"We came to get high on music and we came to get high on love." Appealing to both new and old fans, Wiz shifted back and forth from songs like "Work Hard, Play Hard," "Taylor Gang" and "Black & Yellow."

Off to the side of the stage, Wiz's Philly-born wife Amber Rose could be seen watching her husband perform.