Made in America 2013: Q&A with AlunaGeorge

Aluna Francis (left) and George Reid of AlunaGeorge in the press tent at Made in America. Portrait by Colin Kerrigan/

AlunaGeorge are one of the few international acts playing Made in America this weekend. 

The UK electronic pop duo, comprised of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (production and instrumentals), are bringing their diverse sound to this weekend's Made in America Festival. They've just kicked off their first U.S. tour and were excited to chat with us. Being a popular band in the UK, how do you feel about your recent U.S. recognition?

Aluna: It doesn't really feel real yet. It's kind of unbelievable that we can get, like, any recognition at this point in America. We're quite an internet-based band so that's how people have found us. 

P: Who are your biggest influences?

George: One influence we can both agree on is Radiohead. Just how they approach music is always a bit different.

A: The way that they combine strange beats and sound is really inspiring to us.

P: Being a band that isn't from America, how does it feel playing a festival called "Made in America"

G: "It feels amazing! But it also feels very hot"

A: "It really feels exciting! We were actually backstage with Haim (who played Saturday) the other week and they were like 'Oh my god! I'm sh*tting my pants! We're playing Made in America next week. Oh my god Jay Z's festival is going to be so crazy!' – they were kind of nervous so that totally hyped me up.

P: If you could collaborate with any of the Made in America artists, who would it be?

A & G: Kendrick Lamar!