Listen to Pearl Jam’s new album ‘Lightning Bolt’, playing Wells Fargo in October

You can now stream Pearl Jam’s forthcoming album, Lightning Bolt, in full on iTunes a week before its release on October 15.

This is the band’s 10th studio album and singer Eddie Vedder told Rolling Stone that they were not looking to make just any record; they wanted the best: "I say this in the least-competitive way possible, but we're trying to make not just the best Pearl Jam record, but just the best record. It's about getting to the next level of communication, or just trying to crack a code into some higher plane of playing music.” 

Pearl Jam kicks off their U.S. tour in Pittsburgh on Friday, October 11. The band will perform two dates at The Wells Fargo Center on October 21 and October 22. Tickets are available here.

Check out the video for their single “Sirens” above.