Kid President interviews Beyoncé for a good cause

Viral video star Kid President cleared his busy schedule to interview superstar Beyoncé for World Humanitarian Day’s new campaign titled “The World Needs More ___.”

Monday, August 19 marks the launch of this global campaign. This movement enables leading international brands to sponsor a word they believe the world could use more of. Between now and September 24, people can “unlock” money pledged by brands like Gucci, Beyoncé and Western Union by sharing the sponsored words through social media, SMS or through the campaign website

Every time a sponsored word is shared, $1 will be unlocked and go towards aid efforts in the world’s most underfunded humanitarian crises. Beginning today, World Humanitarian Day, you can visit the official website and share a word you believe the world needs more of.

Watch Kid President's first video to Beyoncé asking for her help with World Humanitarian Day.