Kanye gets hit with 'Gold Digger' lawsuit

Mr. West is being accused of stealing a section of funk band Thunder & Lightning's 1974 song "Bumpin' Bus Stop." A sample was apparently used in West's 2005 hit "Gold Digger."

Around the 13-second mark, you can supposedly hear band member David Pryor saying the words "get down." It's such a small section of the song, you need bionic ears to really hear it.

According to a sample database, this is not the first time the rap community has sampled the song. Gang Starr, Dr. Octagon, Beanie Sigel and Madvillian are just a few well known names who have grabbed sections of the track for their own use.

It has been over eight years since West's song came out, so why are the so-called rightful owners seeking payment now? I smell some gold diggers.

Listen to the two tracks below.

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