Justin Bieber puts fan’s phone down pants at N.J. concert

She got that Justin Bieber, please believe it – all over her phone.

Never a stranger to controversy (and crazy fans), pop superstar Justin Bieber put a fan's iPhone down his pants during his concert Tuesday evening at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

After Bieber begged the crowd to “refrain” from throwing objects onto the stage, one fan seemed to not get the memo and threw something at the Beebz anyways. Not her bra, not her underwear – but her iPhone. Because everyone has loads of smartphones worth hundreds of dollars to throw that popstars, right?

The “Boyfriend” singer understandably was not pleased, and proceeded to grab the phone, drop it into his pants and then gave it to another fan. Yeah, eww.

This incident happened after he was photographed allegedly spitting on fans from his hotel balcony on July 25, and concert-goers were in for another shock in Newark.

Surely the Beliebers in Prudential Center were not entirely happy that their beloved teen idol reprimanded them in such a manner. But as if unfazed by it all, the crowd continued to cheer as if nothing happened. In fact, they seemed kind of thrilled that Bieber was putting anything down his pants.

So moral of the story, kids: Listen to Justin Bieber or the phone gets it.