Jay-Z and Kanye West Reschedule Tour, Move Philly Date To November


Next week, Jay-Z and Kanye West's truly anticipated collabo Watch The Throne will see the light of day. However, the tour announced last week by the duo of hip-hop mahoffs - who are rather lamely calling themselves The Throne - has been delayed and reshuffled.

Here's what needs to be known: The arena-rap jaunt was supposed to start on Sept. 22 in Detroit and play the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Oct. 4. Instead, it will begin Oct. 29 in Atlanta and arrive here a few days later on Nov. 2. 

What is not known: Since Hova and Yeezy are calling themselves The Throne (singular) rather than Thrones (plural), does that mean there will be only one Throne on stage? And if so, how will the two kingpins time share it? Will they take turns occupying it, while the other watches the Throne? Or will Kanye sit in Jay's lap?

OkayPlayer's track-by-track account of a Watch the Throne listening party in Manhattan last night is here. The "Try A Little Tenderness"-sampling first single, "Otis," which will soon have a video directed by Spike Jonze, is below. 

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