Is a web comic gettin' down with Nutter's taste in tunes?

Fans of the web comic XKCD were greeted with this image this morning:

Hmm...the topic of this seems a little too familiar. We point you to the cover of last Friday's Daily News by Catherine Lucey and Vinny Vella, focusing on the musical proclivities of our own Mayor Michael Nutter.

Could the creator of XKCD be a reader of the DN? All signs point yes. First, the anonymous speaker rhymes in simple verse (not a far cry from the meter of former mayoral fave "Rapper's Delight"). Second, the mention of Adele. Check out this paragraph from Lucey and Vella's piece:

Butler said that Nutter’s top picks include old-school Philly groups like the Delfonics and the Stylistics, as well as current Philly stars the Roots. Some Top 40 creeps into the mix, too, Butler said, noting that Nutter introduced him to pop diva Adele before she became a household name.

Suspicious? Yes. Coincidence? Probably. Obvioulsy, Nutter wasn't raised in Bel-Air (that would be the Fresh Prince, obviously). But we've got an e-mail in to the creator of XKCD anyway and we'll get back to you with our scintillating discoveries.