Introducing the strangest 16-year-old Swedish rapper, ever

Yung Lean photographed with his favorite drink.

Or, that we known of. He calls himself Yung Lean and for some reason, the internet is really interested in him–and it's obvious why. He's white, he's young, he's from the Södermalm district of Stockholm and he's a total mystery.

Lean fits the mold of the eccentric, Tumblr-generation of musical weirdos like Lil B and Riff Raff–the type that are willing to do, say, wear, rap about anything to grab the spotlight. With song titles like "OREOMILKSHAKE" and "Ginseng Strip 2002", does this little dude deserve your attention?

VICE recently got wind of Yung Lean and decided to have a chat via Skype to find out if he was the real deal. In the interview, Lean talks about 16-year-old things like drinking Hennessy, having his own rap collective, being on probation and twerking for the rest of his life instead of going to college.

This kid isn't a joke, this is how he really lives his life. His music taste is beyond obscure, he dresses like a 90s Gap model on acid and his music delivery is untailored and hazy–similar to the 'stream of consciousness' style that Lil B made so popular.

If you don't believe me and want to get the full scoop on the pint-sized bucket hat wearing rapper, then head over to VICE for the full interview.