Grammy Live Blog

And that's all folks. Thanks for reading. Watch the final Grammys jam, read tomorrow's newspapers and check out @DNTattle on Twitter.

11:15: Adele present Album of the Year to "Babel" by Mumford & Sons.

11:12: Frank Ocean. Another downer. What Tattle would give right now for some Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.

10:58: An interesting young and old collection of strummers, singers and Elton John pay tribute to the late Levon Helm, singing The Band's "The Weight," which is now 45 years old. Wonder how many of the songs heard tonight will be known in 2058.

10:53: Somewhat fittingly and ironically, music education segues into "In Memoriam." Davy Jones of the Monkees becomes the first Daily News Sexy Single memorialized at the Grammys.

10:49: A brief tribute to the late jazz great Dave Brubeck and a million tweenagers wonder what the heck just happened to the Grammys. Next year, the Grammys will honor music teachers. That's nice.

10:40. Prince in a hoodie - Taylor Swift is so excited - presents Record of the Year to Gotye and Kimbra for "Somebody That I Used to Know." And we had finally gotten that darn song out of our heads. Ugh.

10:36: Carrie Underwood belts out another ballad. This show is becoming a real downer. And her dress is being used as a canvas. Probably wouldn't be necessary if the song was better.

10:26: Katy Perry, presents Best New Artist to Fun. Lead Nate Reuss said earlier they'd been kicking around for a dozen years so they're not exactly new, but . . .

10:23: Jack White has taken over the show, performing first with a group of sister wives and now he's shredding with a group of noisy rockers. By the way, the tambourine is making a huge comeback tonight.

10:19: Lumineers sing and Taylor Swift sings along with them from her front row seat. Maybe CBS should just have her perform every song.

10:10: Oh now. But still no explanation as to why. But there is the obligatory shot of reggae queen . . . Taylor Swift.

10:06: Bruno Mars kicks off tribute to Bob Marley . . . with his own song. And is joined by Sting, who then segues into his own song, "Walking on the Moon." When does the Marley tribute start? And why is the Grammys honoring Marley this year anyway?

9:57: Best Country Album: "Uncaged" by Zac Brown Band.

9:55: Kelly Clarkson singing Carole King. Note to Grammys: Carole ain't dead. She could sing this song herself.

9:53: Kelly Clarkson singing Patti Page. Call your grandparents.

9:52: The Black KeysPreservation Hall Jazz Band and Dr. John rock.

9:42: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: "No Church in the Wild," Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and The Dream.

9:39: Rihanna, serious artiste.

9:28: Best Pop Vocal Album: "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson. The Pink album was better. And Kelly needs to not hit the bar before the show. "Miguel, I don't know who the hell you are..."

9:25: Alicia Keys joins Maroon 5 (Maroon 6?) for "Girl On Fire." Good performance but no idea what the point was.

9:23: Whenever Adam Levine sings now, we wonder whether we would turn our chair around for him.

9:21: Best Rock Performance: "Lonely Boy," The Black Keys.

9:13: Best Urban Contemporary Album: "Channel Orange" by Frank Ocean. Guess you can bi a Grammy.

9:03: Ellen and Beyonce announce the return of . . . Sinatra? No Justin Timberlake. And he's in Black & White. In a 1940s supper club. With Jay-Z. Who probably wouldn't be allowed in the club.

8:53: Johnny Depp is taking this Tonto thing a little too far.

8:51: Song of the Year: "We Are Young" by Fun. with Jonelle Monae. Hey, there's Lena Dunham in BRIGHT yellow, because she's dating the band's guitarist. 

8:49: Best musical number so far is the commercial for Microsoft's Surface pro.

8:43: Chris Brown seated next to Rihanna. Young love is so sweet.

8:43: Best Country Solo Performance: "Blown Away," Carrie Underwood, who thanks "the good Lord" . . . Sony.

8:39: Blake Shelton cheers wife Miranda Lambert's performance with Dierks Bentley. Hopefully, they'll still be married after the tour.

8:32: Who dressed John Mayer in the purple jacket and bow tie? Tim Burton?

8:22: Fun. lead vocalist Nate Reuss hits notes that occasionally remind Tattle of Journey. That's not necessarily a compliment. At least his high-water pants have him prepared for the coming flood. And lo and behold, it's raining.

8:21: Best Pop Solo Performance presented by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Men need not apply. The winner is Adele "Set Fire to the Rain." Three people in the office just shouted out, "She's wearing somebody's couch."

8:12: Tend to love Elton John duets at the Grammys but the pairing with Ed Sheeran is underwhelming.

8:07: Host LL Cool J notes that performers come from all over the world. It's that type of insight that makes the Grammys so special.

8:02: Lady Gaga meets Lewis Carroll meets 70s Alice Cooper in the opening number. But it's Taylor Swift singing one of her break-up songs. What a visual disconnect. Circuits already overloaded.

8:00: Now on with the show.

7:57: Beyonce shows up in a black pants suit with a square of white and blows away all the women trying way too hard.

7:56: Ryan Seacrest's dream comes true - he's finally in Justin Timberlake's dressing room.

7:47: Aside from her nipples popping through her BRIGHT red dress. Rihanna is completely covered. And Seacrest is asking her about her music. BAW-ring!

7:41: Forget the nomination, Katy Perry's va-va-voomy dress has Tattle "Wide Awake." She's almost as excited about E!'s mani-cam.

7:32: Philly girl Kat Dennings is in the house telling a story about meeting Philly guy Kobe Bryant at a Lakers game.

7:30: The E! Glam Cam reminds Tattle of a standing CAT-scan.

7:19: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw gabbing with Ryan. Faith has officially lost too much weight. her cheekbones may burst through her skin.

7:16: Seacrest being very magnanimous plugging "The Voice" with Adam Levine.

7:14: Giuliana Rancic is interviewing the Philly's favorite Grammy sons, The Roots. ?uestlove has left his pick in his 'fro.

7:06: Pregnant Philly girl Amber Rose may drop her baby with Wiz Khalifa during the show.

7:04: Florence Welch in Givenchy Green Giant.

7:00: OMG! Adele has stolen my grandmother's couch fabric.

6:57: Yes, Taylor Swift is tall, but is Seacrest a dwarf?

6:55: Taylor Swift, just off the set of "Xanadu."

6:53: Why is Nas dressed like a waiter?

6:44: Miranda Lambert rejects CBS "skin" memo. Flaunts boobs.

6:17: Stylish Janelle Monae has lost her bull.

6:05: Just switched over from the golf at Pebble Beach to Ryan Seacrest on E! and Sean Paul has a patch of rough on his head.