Drake's new song 'Girls Love Beyoncé' is for the ladies

Drake released something incredible late last night. By taking Destiny Child's '90s smash hit "Say My Name" and flipping it on it's head, he churned out a modern crooner anthem called "Girls Love Beyoncé."

The song focuses on Drake's continuous struggles with dating under the eye of fame and hopes one day he will find a woman "who will help me think of someone besides myself" and "someone I leave the front door with cause we don't want to hide no more." What this has to do with Beyoncé, is very little–except the fact that she is the most incredible woman on this planet (yes, I am a BEY-liever).

The song was produced by buddy Noah "40" Shebib and the familiar chorus is sung by singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy–who helped co-write on Justin Timberlake's latest album. Drake has been known to perform a version of "Say My Name" during his live shows.

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