Diddy’s new Revolt TV will welcome all genres of music

P. Diddy adjusts his tie as he arrives at the Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Monday, May 2, 2005. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

With MTV and VH1 having left their musical roots long ago for reality television, there’s been a serious void in the market for actual music television.

Not too long ago Diddy announced that he would be launching his Revolt TV network with intention of bringing back what has been forgotten in modern music television. That means music videos, artist interviews and music news. Oh my gosh, do we need to be pinched? 

In a recent PSA released by Diddy and Revolt, the hip-hop mogul reveals that the channel won’t just be catering to one kind of music listener. “The best of rock, the best of EDM, the best of hip-hop – the future of music. We may play some country music if it’s funky enough. Ain’t no closed-mindedness with music.”

The channel is very social media orientated and are currently seeking on-air talent through a global casting format – upload a range of media to any of today’s popular social platforms with the hashtag #IAmRevolt and the network might just consider you for an on-air host position. 

The channel is set to debut on October 21 through NBCUniversal, Comcast Corporations. 

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