Daft Punk 'Get Lucky' condoms are the safe sex option of the summer

If you like Daft Punk and sexual responsibility, then you're going to love the latest offering from Durex and the pair of French musicians. As their single "Get Lucky" lights up charts and (debatably) earns the designation as the "song of the summer," Daft Punk teamed up with the condom behemoth to create a product that will help to market their new album, Random Access Memories.

The French duo have teamed up with Durex to produce a packed emblazoned with the cover art of chart-topping tune from their latest album 'Random Access Memories'. To promote the packs, Durex have been posting samples to DJs. Earlier this week, Diplo posted a picture of an opened packet on Instagram with the caption "Thank god I had those daft punk condoms last night".

It's not immediately clear whether or not the Daft Punk condoms will be available to the general public. [NME]