Coolio is selling his music's royalty rights so he can become a celebrity chef

We can’t remember the last time Coolio had a hit. Or, actually, we can and it was probably 1995’s breakthrough, Grammy-winning jam “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

All jokes aside, Coolio is a man of many talents and one of those talents is cooking. He starred in Food Network’s Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off and he became a New York Times bestselling-author when his 2009 book Cookin’ with Coolio topped the charts.

Now that Coolio is long done his career as a musician, he’s concentrating all of his effort on becoming a household name in the cooking world.  But to make his dream come true, he needs to get his finances in order so he’s selling off the music royalty to rights to his entire catalog of music.

Starting Wednesday, August 28 at noon ET, Coolio is auctioning off his music catalog starting at $140,000. The package includes a total of 123 songs from eight different albums; that includes all of his greatest hits.

The money made from the auction will help Coolio expand his cookbook series and online cooking show, which have both proven to be pretty successful.

In all seriousness, a wise man will be the one who purchases this catalog. Not only do the songs have commercial viability but also the opportunity for re-sampling is endless. Other noteworthy auctions on the same site that Coolio's music is currently on includes The Disney catalog (that's since passed), Frank Sinatra and the Clement Collection which includes hits from Usher, TLC and Boyz II Men.

Also, kudos to Coolio for not ending his career with music but igniting a new passion and putting all of his time, effort and money into it. It’s hard not to admire his passion and persistence.

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