Beyoncé yanked off stage by fan at Brazil concert

This isn’t anything new, Beyoncé fans are hardcore – especially those lucky enough to absorb her presence at a concert from the front row. One fan in Brazil, this weekend, was overwhelmed by Bey’s performance and got a little handsy!

During “Irreplacable,” the singer bent down to interact with her fans when a shirtless, male audience member reached up and tried to grab the singer off of the stage. Security immediately rushed over and yanked Beyoncé out of his grip and was escorted out of the area.

Of course, in true Queen Bey fashion, she kept going on with her song until the end. But, before security guards could kick the ‘attacker’ out, Beyoncé yelled at the staff and told them he could stay and even introduced herself. All in a days work for the fabulous singer.