Beastie Boys working on memoir

For three decades, the Beastie Boys have been a driving influence within the hip hop community.

With a number of albums and hits under their belt, and a permanent place in pop culture history, it only makes sense that they would finally considered writing a personal memoir.

According to the New York Times, Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) have signed a deal with publishing company Random House to produce a book recalling their music and personal history. The two have expressed wanting this book to be a "multidimensional experience," unlike any memoir anyone has ever seen.

The book has been in talks for years; but when third member, Adam Yauch, passed away due to cancer, the plan was put on hold. Random House is the same company that issued Jay-Z's lyric book "Decoded." The Beastie Boys plan to release their book in 2015.