A Made in America festival playlist

In case you hadn't heard, the Budweiser Made In America festival is taking over the Bud, er, Ben Franklin Parkway this weekend. The music gets underway on Saturday at 2 with Texas bluesman Gary Clark Jr. on the main Rocky stage, and till 11 p.m. both days, with Pearl Jam shutting it down on Sunday night.

Will people outside the gates really not be able to see or hear anything, as the Mayor and Made In Amerca organizers say? Will all the Bud branding everywhere overwhelm the event, or blend in the background? Will Beyonce be there? Kanye West? The Roots? Will the line at the Pitruco Pizza truck be of reasonable length, or ridiculously long? These and other questions will be answered this weekend.

Below, check out a 28 song Spotify Made in America playlist I compiled, that has almost everybody playing the two dayfest  represented, from Afrojack to X, Santigold to DJ Shadow, and Jay-Z to Pearl Jam.



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