Flaming Lips go for the Guinness

Give them 24 hours, they'll give you 8 shows. That's the promise from the wild and technically daring Flaming Lips with their internet streamed project to break the Guinness World Record for the most shows performed in a single day.

Attempting to wrestle away the record currently held by Jay-Z, the Flaming Lips will be traveling all the way from Memphis to New Orleans, starting this afternoon, with stops at 8 venues along the way.The project is  tied to the MTV O Awards, which have nominated the Lips for the "Digital Genius" award. There's also a new album "The Flaming Lips with Heady Fwends" to promote. One of the featured "fwends," Neon Indian, has already committed to make an appearance at one of the stops. Also on the album, if not the bus, are the likes of Keisha, Biz Markey, Bon Iver and Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band.

Streaming the entire 24 hour bus ride and shows poses a major technical challenge for the band. But it's hardly  the first they've undertaken. One prior stunt required fans to synchronize  12 different YouTube videos to enjoy a complete performance.

You can climb on the bus here.