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Tom Gebhardt of Central New Jersey is a normal guy with a wife and two kids who works at a pizza shop. But when there’s something strange in your neighborhood, he’s the guy you might want to call — after all, not everybody has a proton pack and Ecto-1 at their disposal. (Photo: Tommy Avallone, "Ghostheads")

Tom Gebhardt of Keansburg, N.J. is a normal guy with a wife and two kids, and who works at a pizza shop. But when there’s something strange in your neighborhood, he’s the guy you might want to call — after all, not everybody has a proton pack and Ecto-1 at their disposal.

“I may not be Dan Aykroyd, I may not,” he says. “But when I show up like that, I’m a Ghostbuster.”

Which, in a way, is true. Gebhardt, 30, is a “Ghosthead” — a member of the subculture dedicated to the Ghostbusters movie franchise that kicked off in 1984 and starred Bill Murray, Aykroyd, the late Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

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A scene from the highly-anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." (Disney)

One opportunistic ticket buyer in Philadelphia appears to be taking a path down the dark side.

Following the premiere of a new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer during the Eagles-Giants “Monday Night Football” game, pre-sale tickets on Imax grossed $6.5 million, while Fandango, AMC and MovieTickets.com all saw record highs.

Unfortunately, record sales also crashed ticketing websites, as moviegoers tried in vain to obtain tickets for midnight showings of the film. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop thousands from purchasing tickets and immediately trying to sell them to panicking fans for outlandish amounts.

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ESPN, which is owned by Disney, released the final trailer for the highly anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," during halftime of the Eagles-Giants "Monday Night Football" game. 

Watch it above. And for good measure, here are the previous two teasers:

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University of the Arts grad, filmmaker Kate McCabe. (Courtesy Image.)

When PhilaMoca presents Romance, Apocalypse and Moon Landings, the Twilight Worlds of Kate McCabe on Wednesday October 7, the event won't just feature the experimental filmmaker's newest cinematic work, You and I Remain.

The evening, a salon with the artist in tow, promises to be something between a roast and one of those Inside the Actor sessions with Will Ferrell.

Filmmaker McCabe may live a punk rock hermit's life mostly near the sandy flats of Joshua Tree, California (cue the music to High Plains Drifter).

If you turn your Internet radio dial to radiofreejt.com every Friday night, you can catch her doing her own brand of rural dance party musical program in front of her stove with “Mojave Kitchen Dance Diaries.” Yet, in reality, this desert doyenne is a Philly lass through-and-through º a graduate of the University of the Arts who made her first short film a good one.

1995's Go-Go Rama Mama shot at the infamous, now-defunct All in the Family Lounge on 13th Street (before the area was called Midtown Village/the Gayborhood).

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Jeff, Anne, and Principal Miller in "Slow Learners" (Adam Pally, Sarah Burns, Kate Flannery). (Courtesy Photo)

Back in April, Philly docu-film maker Don Argott reminded me of the romantic comedy that he and life-work partner Sheena Joyce directed. Starting Wednesday, August 19 the film hits select theaters.

Lensed throughout Center City, Slow Learners, starring Adam Pally (The Mindy Project), Sarah Burns (Enlightened), Kate Flannery (The Office) and Veep co-stars Reid Scott and Kevin Dunn, is the first film from Philly's MilkBoy Entertainment — the cinematic offshoot of MilkBoy Studio — and its co-producers Jamie Lokoff and Tommy Joyner.

"They had a fun, solid script and we were looking to break into scripted narratives, so it was a win-win," said Argott in spring, ahead of screening at Tribecca Film Festival.

"The initial idea for this project is not what we ended up shooting. In fact, we spent about a year developing that story when our co-producer Tammy Tiehel Stedman brought us this script." says Lokoff of a direction that he and partner Joyner long wanted to pursue.

The movie, which has Judd Apatow romantic comedy tones, follows highschool friends and co-workers Jeff (Adam Pally) and Anne (Sarah Burns) as they try to reinvent themselves into sexy risk-takers.

Though they chose a script that was seemingly easy to film, the planning for Slow Learners started 5 years ago and it took until May of 2014 to begin shooting. "There are just so many moving parts that you have to nail down...and until we were shooting it wasn't anyone's full-time job, so that contributed to the time-table stretching out," says Joyner.

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Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise attend the "Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation" New York Premiere at Duffy Square in Times Square on July 27, 2015 in New York City. (Getty Images)

With July 31's opening of another Mission Impossible film – this fifth one a Rogue Nation filled with high-flying, deep-diving, white-knuckle action work - its uber-star and producer Tom Cruise has finally taken to the talk show circuit.

This comes after much speculation as to why he didn't start the publicity machine moving sooner (word has it that Cruise frankly didn't feel like fielding Scientology questions connected to HBO's Going Clear).

Cruise left the heavy lifting of doing early interviews to his little-known MI:RN co-star Rebecca Ferguson.

As former British Secret Service agent 'Ilsa Faust,' Ferguson is, in her own words, "a formidable counterpoint to everything Tom's 'Ethan Hunt' is," she says in a low, light-as-whipped-crème voice. "He's truly met his match in Ilsa."

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Mya Taylor as Alexandra in "Tangerine," a Magnolia Pictures release. (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.)

Sean S. Baker’s film Tangerine made its world premiere to audiences in January at Sundance. The film finally opens in Philadelphia on Friday, July 24 at the Ritz at the Bourse for a short week.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, Tangerine tells the story of best friends Sin-Dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor), two transgender women of color living in Los Angeles.

The film begins on a hazy Christmas Eve morning at Doughnut Time, a doughnut shop home to pimps and prostitutes. Rella discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her while she was in prison. After finding out this shocking news, we follow the women as they traipse around Hollywood Boulevard looking for answers and looking for work. The film also follows an Armenian cab driver who is hiding a secret.

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Barakka posing in the Tünel District of Istanbul after one of their band rehearsals - (L-R) Efecan Tuncer, Roger Mgrdichian, Baris Kaya, Bill Tayoun, Jim Hamilton, Joe Tayoun. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Geller)

If you live in Philadelphia, are over 35 years of age and the name "Tayoun" comes up, you think of Ed Tayoun's legendary Old City nightclub/restaurant the Middle East and onetime First District Councilman Jimmy Tayoun's Philadelphia Public Record newspaper.

If you're younger, you've been exposed to another pair of Tayoun brothers – Philly musician/educators Billy and Joe Tayoun. The keyboardist and percussionist, respectively, play the authentic folk songs of Lebanon and beyond with the Mid-East Ensemble and modernist Middle Eastern rock group Barakka.

If you just happened to miss Barakka, you've surely been witness to The Roddenberries, the Star Trek tribute band that the Tayouns are a part of with members of the Peek-a-Boo Revue and filmmaker/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Geller.

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