Who is your favorite American movie star of all time (and why)?*

Frances McDormand, the screen's most reliable -- and believable -- utility player.

Questions, questions, so many questions. Just the FAQS:

How many movies do you see a week? (Not counting movies Flickgrrl sees for her own pleasure, on average, four).

What's your favorite movie? (Varies day by day. Casablanca. The Earrings of Madame de.... Jerry Maguire. Ugetsu. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Dodsworth. Singin' in the Rain. Mississippi Masala. Clueless. -- and about 100 more.)

Have you ever walked out of a movie? (Once: Battlefield Earth. The projector broke down and Flickgrrl wasn't reviewing.)

Worst movie ever made? (Three-way tie:  Rawhead Rex, Cannibal Holocaust and Surf Nazis Must Die.)

But not until this week has Flickgrrl ever been asked: Who is your favorite American movie star of all time (and why)? *The asker was Marketwatch's Jon Friedman.

Favorites are projections of our ideal selves, and for Flickgrrl, it's a two-way tie between Barbara Stanwyck and Frances McDormand. Both are utility players who can do any genre -- thriller, comedy, drama -- and maintain a bedrock honesty. As for male stars, it would be either Cary Grant or Denzel Washington, both of whom simultaneously project darkness and lightness of character and are very appealing.

Your answer(s), please?