Video: Watch Emma Watson in the new 'Bling Ring' trailer

Emma Watson stars in Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring." (Screen shot)

Hermione Granger danger!

Emma Watson sweeps the potions aside and transforms into privileged wild child Alexis Neiers in the new trailer of the upcoming film, "The Bling Ring."

The movie - directed, written and produced by fashionable filmmaker Sofia Coppola - is based on the true story of a group of wealthy SoCal teens who robbed the homes of high-profile celebrities from 2008-2009. The Hollywood Hills Burglars were ultimately caught, after they had stolen millions of dollars worth of goods, mostly from Paris HIlton who was robbed multiple times as part of the Bling Ring's strategic scheming. Other victims included Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, and of course, Lindsay Lohan.

Watson's performance as Neiers, who actually briefly starred in a reality TV series called "Pretty Wild" on *surprise, surprise* E!, is impeccable. She's vapid, bored and obsessed with celebrity culture, so naturally, what comes next is this: "Come on, let's go to Paris'. I wanna rob."

Watch the new trailer below.