Trailer: Les Miserables

The trailer for Tom Hooper's epic-looking "Les Miserables" is causing quite the stir on the internet today. Hooper chose "Les Mis," based on the blockbusting musical (as well as Victor Hugo's novel, natch), as his follow up to the Oscar-lauded "The King's Speech."

This is only a teaser so we need to see more of the likes of Hugh Jackman (as redemption-seeking Jean Valjean), Russell Crowe (as the evil Javert) and Amanda Seyfried (as the beautiful Cosette) to fully judge.

But we are worried about one thing: Ever since Anne Hathaways turn as one half of a terrible Academy Awards-hosting pair, she's struck us as one of those theater kids who would break out into song in the middle of the cafeteria (as former theater kids ourselves, we know the type too well). Her renditiion of "I Dreamed a Dream" doesn't help assuage our fears the she's going to overact the bejesus out of this part.

That's just our opinion. What do you think of the trailer? "Les Miserables" is slated to hit theaters Dec. 14, 2012.