‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Our critics weigh in



Steven Rea, Inquirer Film Critic: 

 "Does plot matter? Of course it does. But with The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment of Christopher Nolan's gargantuan, gravitas-soaked Bat-trilogy, it would have been fine to abandon all sense of logic, narrative, time."

"In fact, it might have been more fun."

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Gary Thompson, Daily News Film Critic:

"Nolan, who directs in khakis, blue blazers, and cufflinks, is hardly a revolutionary."

"His movie is a massive corporate enterprise designed to make a billion dollars, and almost certainly will. It's overlong, overplotted, but comes together brilliantly in the final moments, sending one of the movies' darkest franchises out on a rousing note."

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Enjoy stills from the film and the trailer below: