Thank you, Leonard Nimoy

It’s moments like this I’m glad I’m a cartoonist. There’s no way I could really express in words the profound effect “Star Trek” and, more specifically, Mr. Spock, had on me when I was a kid. 

So hopefully my cartoon explains why the emotion I felt hunched over my drafting table this afternoon when I found out longtime Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy passed away wasn't sadness, it was gratitude. 

More than being sad about an actor that embodied a character that left an imprint on my childhood, I have to say I’m thankful that Nimoy was blessed with a long life and a large footprint that allowed him to stoke the imagination of countless people all over the world. 

Star Trek was more than a TV show for me, it was a vehicle that propelled my young imagination, and Mr. Spock was the largest part of that equation - a half-alien, half-human whose views and motivations were dictated by science, imperial evidence and, most importantly, logic. 

Nimoy knew for some time the end was near, and has essentially been saying goodbye to his countless fans for months. His final tweet, sent on Monday, was fittingly poignant: 

Here's a small roundup of the mounting tribues on Twitter: