See a clip of Cory Monteith's final Philly-shot role

Elton John Oscar Party
Actor Cory Monteith, left, and actress Lea Michele arrive at the Elton John Oscar Party in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday, March 7, 2010. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

In my column for today, I talked to Josh C. Waller, the director of "McCannick," starring Cory Monteith, the star of "Glee" who was found dead in his hotel room last weekend. A coroner's report said that he died from a mix of alcohol and heroin.

Waller discussed how impressed he was with Monteith, never expecting the 31-year-old to bring the gravity that he did to the role of Simon, a street hustler recently released from prison, and tailed by David Morse's Detecitve Eugene McCannick.

A clip of the film was released online, and can be seen below.

Waller said Monteith was surprised by how far the city went for the film, which currently has no distribution plan in place. "He had never expereineced a city bending over backwards to create something. We were just coming from a good place and trying to make art and hoping that someone with power to stand behind us," Waller told me from the set of the new movie he's producing starring Elijiah Wood, Rainn Wilson and Allison Pill. "And the city did."

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