Ryan Dunn was left out of the Oscars' death montage last night

Ryan Dunn

There are always notable names missing from the Academy Awards' In Memoriam montage (i.e. Brad Renfro was notably left out in 2008, after dying a scant month before the ceremony) so it's no surprise that the Academy decided to overlook local "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn, who died June 20 of last year. The Academy fancies itself above the antics of the "Jackass" crew, but Dunn's final filmic foray, "Jackass 3D," grossed $170,321,410 worldwide, $93,869,448 more than best picture winner "The Artist" at the publishing of this blog post. "Jackass 3D" opened to the tune of $50.3 million, making it the best opening for a non-fiction film of all time and IMDB puts it at the second highest grossing U.S. documentary.

While we know box office gross has nothing to do with overall quality, we're just saying including Dunn wouldn't have been completely out of the question. 

As I told you last night in my Academy Awards by the Numbers piece, the Death Montage lasted 3:39.9 minutes, so it's understanable that they couldn't include everyone.

Kyle Buchanan at Vulture has more on who was left out of the Death Montage.