Russell Crowe jumping on vampire bandwagon

Russell Crowe ruffles his hair, contemplating his next role -- as Drac.

So what if Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tanked at the box office? There’s still another Twilight coming, and a dozen or so other projects featuring be-fanged, blood-slurping undead in the leads. And now Deadline Hollywood reports that Russell Crowe has signed on to play the most famous vampire of them all, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, in Harker. A thriller (of course) to be directed by torture porn Hostel guy Eli Roth, Harker centers around Scotland Yard inspector Jonathan Harker, who is on the hunt for this Dracula dude. The Harker role has yet to be cast. Crowe and Roth worked together on the upcoming RZA-directed action piece, The Man With the Iron Fists. Crowe stars in that one,  Roth wrote the script.