'Rocky' gets Vertigoed

Rocky II montage
We actually think this photo is from "Rocky II" but it's just so great, we couldn't help ourselves.

Recently, "Vertigo" star Kim Novak took out an ad in Variety, decrying the use of Bernard Herrmann's "Vertigo" score in Michel Hazanavicius' critically-lauded neo-silent film "The Artist." She compared what some would call an homage to rape. (Hazanavicius had legal right to use the musical cue from this scene in the classic Hitchcock thriller.)

Kevin P. Lee, of the excellent Press Play blog, decided to have a little fun with Novak's outrage and placed the score over a scene in other films, including the training montages of "Rocky" and "Rocky VI," among other films. Press Play editor Matt Zoller Seitz concluded that the score made the scenes "deeper, subtler and more haunting, solely because of Herrmann's music." Press Play is now having a contest to do the same to other movies. They're calling Lee's trick "Vertigoing."

The Vertigoing of "Rocky VI" is particularly hilarious, with the musical cues creepily matching up to the movie, like some kind of "Wizard of Oz"-meets-"The Wall"-style pairing.

But do you agree with Seitz on the "Rocky" front? Does the Rock running through the streets of Philly feel "deeper, subtler and more haunting" sans Bill Conti's class "Gonna Fly Now"? You decide.

You can view the Vertigoed version here.