Prize-winning Philly doc screens Monday at the Troc

Justin Duerr investigates a Toynbee Tile.

If you’ve ever stumbled across those weird icons and paranoia-tinged messages planted in the asphalt on street corners in Phladelphia (and Baltimore and Boston and New York, and other places around the globe) and wondered what was up, and who’s behind ‘em,  wonder no more. Jon Foy’s engagingly eerie documentary detective project, Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, follows local sleuths Justin Duerr, Steve Weinik and Colin Smith as they piece together the puzzle of the street texts and their odd connection to the famous philosophical historian Arnold Toynbee, to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, to former Inquirer columnist Clark Deleon, to playwright David Mamet, to the Philip K. Dick-ish sounding Minority Association, to South Philly’s “bird man” and to the planet Jupiter.

The Philadelphia Film Society is sponsoring the event, which includes a screening of the film, a Q & A with Foy – who not only directed, but co-wrote, co-produced, edited and composed the remarkably effective, noir-ish score – plus drinks and food and Troc-y atmospherics. Foy won the best documentary director prize at last year’s Sundance Film festival for his efforts. The film's illustrations, by Matt Rota, are also incredibly cool. For more info on the film, the DVD, and the Monday night showcase, click here.