Philly’s Artsploitation Films nabs teen sex Toronto Fest entry

It’s called Clip, it’s about a band of Belgrade teens immersed in a world of sex and drugs, it’s been banned in Russia for its raw depiction of freewheeling underage carnality, and it’ll be coming to theaters (and home entertainment screens) next year via Philadelphia’s Artsploitation Films, the company founded by TLA Entertainment’s Ray Murray.

I don’t see Maja Milos’ debut feature until Sunday morning (yup, nothing like drug-addled adolescents capturing their sex acts on smart phones to start a Sunday morning off quietly and calmly… Oy!), but this certainly looks to be controversial, which is always a selling point. Milos cast 14-year-old Isidora Simijonovic as her reckless, promiscuous, 16-year-old main character, Jasna. Clip's sexplicitness caused a stir at the Rotterdam Film Festival early this year, and should likewise engender strong reaction from the Toronto Film Fest crowd.