‘Parks and Rec’s Chris Pratt confirms lead role in ‘Jurassic World’

There are few movie franchises as nostalgically remembered as Michael Chrichton’s Jurassic Park. But now, with the addition of Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt in the lead role for Jurassic World, that nostalgia is about to get an update. 

Chris Pratt—Andy from Parks and Rec—recently confirmed his slot as the lead role of the film, confirming news of negotions from late 2013. In fact, director Ron Howard tweeted a photo of Pratt with his daughter, saying that the two would make some sort of appearance in Jurassic World. So we can rest easy knowing the Happy Days guy is a man of his word. 

Pratt announced his role at a presser for The Lego Movie at Legoland in California, saying that he has long been a fan of the series. From the looks of it, Pratt’s performance is likely to be inspired: 

“For me, Jurassic Park was really kind of my Star Wars. I lined up at the theatre to see it, I saw it opening night, I saw every sequel, I’ve seen it a whole bunch of times… for me that was my big movie, I think I was 13 or 14 when it came out. And so it’s a big deal for me to be any part of that, let alone this part I’m going to be playing. I’m thrilled about it.” 

The even better news, though, is that Jurassic World won’t run as a full-on reboot, picking up instead after the first movie. The script, penned by director Colin Trevorrow and screenwriter Derek Connoly, reportedly cast Pratt as the “rugged ex-military dude” lead who conflicts with a corporate scientist played by Howard. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Pratt basically will be a likeable version of Roland Tembo from The Lost World, along with dash of Muldoon from the first movie.

I, for one, am praying for  Burt Macklin cameo, though. That guy would destroy dinosaurs.

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