Kevin Hart/Will Ferrell comedy ‘Get Hard’ gets a release date

Kevin Hart teased an upcoming film with Will Ferrell earlier this month, posting up a picture to his Instagram account of the pair along with rapper T.I. As it turns out, that film is, in fact, Get Hard, and it just got a release date. 

We’ll see this one starting March 27, 2015, as Get Hard opens alongside competition like The Penguins of Madagascar and the Hugh Jackman vehicle, Chappie. Not that the near future is lacking in Kevin Hart projects, but it’s good to see another tacked on to next year.

Tropic Thunder’s Etan Cohen will helm Get Hard, which reportedly will center around a wealthy banker (Ferrell) who is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. With prison imminent, Ferrell’s character hires a guy who washes his car (Hart) to teach him how to be intimidating. Production is set to start this summer.

Good thing, too—this one has been along time coming. Ferrell and Hart first signed on to Get Hard way back in December 2012, with Warner Bros. only now updating us on its release schedule.

But, then, it would seem a fool’s errand to rush to Get Hard. Things like this take time.

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