Kermit Gosnell documentary ‘3801 Lancaster: Part II’ gets web release May 13

It was nearly a year ago that infamous abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philly’s Mantua neighborhood. Since then, his case has fallen out of the press, but director David Altrogge hasn’t forgotten, as evidenced by his upcoming full-length documentary, 3801 Lancaster: Part II.

 A followup to his 3801 Lancaster: Part I short film from January of last year, Altrogge’s latest continuance in the series will see a web release on May 13—the one-year anniversary of the Gosnell conviction. Where the initial short film looked at the case’s more shocking elements, Part II reportedly will examine the why’s and how’s of Gosnell’s operation itself.

“Our goal has been since day one to not make a political [documentary],” Altrogge said in a recent interview with The Blaze. “To tell the story of what happened to Gosnell’s clinic…and kind of let people here these facts.”

Funded primarily by private donors, Part II is reportedly $35,000 short on what they’d need to complete the film, which has prompted Altrogge to start up a donation page. But even if the funding isn’t supplied, the director says his documentary will be out May 13 “no matter what.”

In the mean time, you can watch 3801 Lancaster: Part I below:

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