Gerard Butler to take Patrick Swayze’s role in coming ‘Point Break’ remake

Gerard Butler as Frosty Hesson in the 2012 surfer flick, "Chasing Mavericks." Butler will take up another surfer role as Bodhi in the 'Point Break' reboot.

As if it wasn’t apparent enough, the Hollywood remake machine has begun eating itself—and the coming Point Break reboot is the perfect illustration why. Already essentially remade with 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, the 1991 film is back with Gerard Butler in the lead role. 

According to 20th Century Fox, Butler has signed on to the remake to play Bodhi, the character last played by the late Patrick Swayze as the studio moves into the casting stage. Not the worst choice, given that the 300 star has some experience as an on-screen surfer thanks to his role as Frosty Hesson in Chasing Mavericks. Still, though, you have to wonder if a remake is necessary just yet.

After all, The Fast and the Furious was essentially an unofficial remake that differentiated itself by exchanging surfing for street racing. That film was made almost 13 years ago, so producing another remake that differentiates itself from F&F by adding elements from the original back into the reboot is somewhat of a new concept for Hollywood’s remake pump. Though, to be fair, other “extreme sports” will be added in. 

The similarities go deeper, though, with director Ericson Core having signed on to helm the reboot. If Core’s name is familiar, it’s because he was behind The Fast and the Furious way back in 2001, having now apparently deciding to reprise his past work under the title that inspired him in the first place. 

The only question seems to be who will play Keanu Reeves’ “F! B! I! Agent!” Johnny Utah. Reeves may be immortal, but he has turned down any involvement with the remake, so Utah duty will have to fall with someone else.  Given Reeves’ endearing Stiffness, someone like Wilfred’s Chris Klein ought to do well.

Because, hey, with actors that look like other actors, Hollywood will never have to come up with an original idea ever again. Point Break 2.0 is set to start shooting this summer.

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