Fox options 'Magic: The Gathering' for upcoming feature film

Regrettably, it looks like the 2012 stinker Battleship hasn’t scared major movie studios away from films based on table games. Brace yourselves for Magic: The Gathering the movie. But, please, leave the cards at home.

20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to make a movie based on the incredibly popular card game, and early reports indicate that it will tip the scales with a Lord of the Rings-style adventure story. Fox’s Simon Kinberg (of X-Men and Fantastic Four fame) has signed on to produce the picture, and will reportedly work closely with creators Hasbro to develop the movie adaptation.

For those of us not in the (geeky) know, Magic: The Gathering came out in 1993 in the form of a massive, turn-based card game—a lot like Pokemon for fantasy buffs and socially abhorrent teenagers alike. As anyone with kids who grew up in the 90s knows, the game became incredibly popular, leading to tournaments, meetups and expos around the country. Even today, ultra rare Magic cards sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In many ways, magic started the card game trend that enamored 90s kids, leading ultimately to similar games like Pokemon and the Star Wars card games after Wizards of the Coast purchased Hasbro in 1999. Which, of course, is to say that it’s amazing Magic hasn’t been optioned up until now.

Unfortunately, though, that isn’t likely to protect the quality of the final product so much as it projects it. But, if Magic works, expect a Card for Humanity adaptation in 2016. 

[The Hollywood Reporter