‘Fletch’ is getting a ‘gritty’ reboot starring Jason Sudeikis

As we know well by now, nothing in Hollywood is sacred enough to sidestep the all-consuming remake machine, not even the 1985 Chevy Chase classic, Fletch. Iconic and hilarious, Chase’s performance as investigative journalist I.M. Fletcher has long lived in the hearts of comedy fans everywhere—which, of course, is why it’s getting a “gritty” reboot in the form of Fletch Won. Starring Jason Sudeikis.

The original Fletch movies are far from gritty, but the source material from author Gregory McDonald is closer to that description. In fact, McDonald honed the gritty-yet-funny tone of his Fletch character across a dozen books starting in 1974, so it might be a good move to stick closer to the original inspiration in the form of a so-called “gritty action comedy.” 

But, then, maybe not. The project has long been in development, reworked a number of times before Warner Bros. nabbed the rights in February 2011. Following that buy, several writers attempted to rework the script to no avail, though ultimately Michael Sugar and Steve Golin stepped in with an acceptable draft.

The draft, in fact, attracted Sudeikis, who now is in talks with the studio to take Chase’s iconic role—interesting, considering that both Sudeikis and Chase are Saturday Night Live alums. Either way, Sudeikis has largely been relegated to bit parts and supporting roles in his film career, so Fletch Won will serve as his first opportunity to carry a film. 

If it goes well, expect a couple more films with Sudeikis as Fletch. Whether you like it or not.

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