Five must-watch movies for the Bollywood newbie


When you grow up watching Hindi-language movies from India, you quickly begin to develop strong feelings for the genre, better known as Bollywood. In my case, it’s nothing but love.

Give me a sappy three-hour long escapist film any day. Bollywood has everything I want from a film – which is to say, nothing serious. Over-the-top, melodramatic scenes devolving into song-and-dance routines that put Glee to shame? Check. Beautiful heroines and dashing heroes with dance moves designed to make you swoon? Check. A dazzling array of fashionable saris and other heavily-sequined garments? Check.

In years of yore, Philadelphia had very few places to find Bollywood. A few stores on the fringes of the Northeast carried a few bootleg copies that were passed from family to family. Sometimes a store would pop up in University City with a handful of year-old releases only to close several months later. Thankfully. we live in the days of Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, where everything is available and subtitled in English. So here, without further ado and in no particular order, are five Bollywood movies I suggest you watch post-haste.

Kishwer Vikaas has been living in and around Philadelphia her entire life. When she’s not people-watching in Center City, she blogs for The Aerogram and podcasts at Talkadelphia. In her spare time, she attends Temple Law School.