Dinner and a Movie: Best Film/Food Pairings

E-mail of the week comes from Jt Lewis: "So we're screening The Godfather preceded by Clemenza's spaghetti and of course cannoli for desert. Last month's White-Russian stoked Big Lebowski was a big hit. Other ubiquitous film/food pairings?"

Glad you asked, Jt:

Finish this sentence: Pinot Noir pairs with Sideways like fava beans with...

Obviously ratatouille with Ratatouille, although the rodent/chef's presentation is much more elegant than anything I have ever made or been served. French chocolate with Chocolat. Tortilla Soup with Tortilla Soup (which has all sorts of mouthwatering food, inclusing the best school lunch ever.)

Blinis with caviar are perfect for Babette's Feast, the exquisite Danish movie based on an Isak Dinesen story prompted by her American editor: "Americans love food," the editor said.

Duck en croute with Julie & Julia, although pretty much anything from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking will do.

Timpano -- or a perfect omelette -- with The Big Night.

Spaghetti strained through a tennis racquet with The Apartment.

Udon in clear broth with Tampopo.

Roast fowl with Tom Jones.

The hearty Diego Rivera breakfast of frijoles eggs and the whole enchilada in Frida.

Pinot noir with Sideways.

Welsh rarebit, lobsters in hollandaise and cucumbers in buttermilk, the dream-inducing foods prescribed by psychiatrist Fred Astaire to patient Ginger Rogers in Carefree. 

I could go on and on. What pairings do you suggest?