Blunt words for Meryl Streep and her Oscar

Emily Blunt was in her pajamas watching the Academy Awards telecast Sunday evening at her home in L.A. (Or so she says -- she was dressed by the time she arrived at George Clooney’s post-Oscar bash.) And then, near the end of the ceremonies, when Meryl Streep came up to accept her Oscar for best actress, Blunt was cheering.

 “Heaven – her acceptance speech was heaven!” says Blunt, whose first big splash in movies was opposite Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Blunt was the cold, cool personal assistant to Streep’s commanding fashion mag editor in the 2006 release.

 “Meryl is so authentic,” says Blunt, in town the other day talking up her soon-coming Ewan McGregor rom-com, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. “Everything that comes out of her mouth is felt. She isn’t  jaded by it all. I think she lives a very separate life from the industry.”

In case you missed it, Streep merrily dissed everybody watching the Oscarcast who might have said, “Oh no, not her again,” and then thanked her husband, the sculptor Don Gummer, noting that spouses are typically cited on the butt-end of an acceptance speech.

Blunt recalled her work with La Streep on Prada: “It was really intimidating, the thought of working with Meryl, because she’s Meryl Streep. And I’m sure, even people who have been doing it for years are kind of mildly terrified at the prospect of attempting to keep up with her. But I think what she brings out of you will end up being some of the best stuff that you do in your career…. She makes everyone raise their game.”