PhilMOCA gets a new curator



One of favorite new-ish galleries/event spaces is PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St., 267-519-9651), the former home of Diplo's Mad Decent Mausoleum and, in a previous life, was a tombstone showroom. Eric Bresler, current proprietor of, was recently hired to take over curating events for the space that currently hosts an concerts and art shows. Bresler said he's happy with the events booked at PhilaMOCA in the past, cotinuing the friendly relationship with local bands, but he will certainly look to expand PhilaMOCA's movie screenings and gallery shows are run, with a more traditional opening and month-long run.

We chatted with Bresler about this new opportunity.

How did this come up?

[Executive director] Gavin Hecker was just doing an open call for people to take over events because he has a videography career that keeps him busy. He didn’t have enough time to put in the space and he needed someone who could put in full time hours. With my website, this is the perfect arrangement for me. All I can see is potential around me. 

What's your plan?

The space's strength is its eclectic programming. I’m hoping to perserve that atmosphere. They have a high definition projector and full size screen. It’s literally the size of a traditional theater screen. Introducing a major film component will add to the space. I’m looking toward the Philadelphia film community and all of the people I’ve met through doing for the past year and a half. I’ll be doing a lot of in-house programming too. I'll also be trying to do weekly events, trying to incorporate film and music into them.

Do you only plan on screening new work? What about repertory screenings? 

I, of course, aspire for repertory screenings but the problem is screening fees. It’s a matter of building up the space before we turn it into a conventional theater. We want a casual screening venue, like in Brooklyn there’s a few, with couches and plush chairs. A very casual atmosphere that adds to the whole eclectic atmosphere they’ve already established here. I would love to become a rep screening venue along with the music events.

PhilaMOCA's next gallery show is Medium & Message: The Interplay of Type and Art, opening tomorrow, with a reception from 7-10 p.m.