Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cleveland Wall reads 'Epergne': 'Wishing is free'

Cleveland Wall reads 'Epergne': 'Wishing is free'




Spare—it’s anything but,

but comes from the French

for spare, as in save;

it saves space. But the French

in their perversity call it surtout.


On reading a poem on looking up

this word, I looked it up, but not

in Webster’s Unabridged.

Google brought me etymology

and what is more, images:

lovely Seussian structures.

Far from ensorcell or ensoul

its neighbors here

are chandelier, compote, and goblet.


One specimen in particular

with fluted edges, dangling crystals

caught my eye and I cared nothing

for the outrageous cost;

I put it on my wish list

at notorious Neiman Marcus,

in fact created a wish list

just to wish for this.

Wishing is free

and saves even more space.


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