Van Halen banned brown M&Ms because of the Spectrum


Associated Press 


...Well, not really, but bear with us because this video is great.

One of our favorite rock 'n' roll rumors is that Van Halen banned all brown M&Ms in their tour rider (the contract stipulating a band's demands for playing a show). Below, David Lee Roth explains in  why the band, who is reuniting for a tour and hits Philly on March 5, made such a strange request and it's surprisingly lucid.

So what does this have to do with the Spectrum? Roth explained that many older venues -- i.e. the Spectrum -- weren't equipped to put on a "gigantor epic-sized Van Halen production." Their equipment was taking too long to set up, would get damaged and could have resulted in injuries. To make sure that the promoters followed their rider to the letter and keep everyone safe, the band included the infamous brown M&M request: If they saw the offending candy, it would mean that they the promoter didn't read the rider close enough and they had to do extra checks for safety.

Seriously, Diamond Dave, we're impressed. 

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