VIDEO: Talking to The Roots at the Mural Arts Program's Wall Ball

We know ?uestlove doesn’t take vacation himself, but the hardworking Roots drummer is sending his mom and sister Donn T, a singer, on an African safari.

He bid $7,000 to win the trip at Thursday’s Wall Ball at Vie (600 N. Broad) to benefit the Mural Arts Program. ?uestlove a/k/a Ahmir Thompson and The Roots were honored at the Wall Ball and have been working with Executive Director Jane Golden on education efforts for Mural Arts as well as helping to discuss a Roots mural which Golden says will go up this summer or fall somewhere along South Street and involve close to 2,000 young student artists who are involved in the Mural Arts summer program.

Tariq Trotter a/k/a Black Thought, The Roots main MC said he had worked with the Anti-Graffiti Network which later morphed into Mural Arts after getting busted writing graffiti in his youth. Trotter said he used to write Dash and Dasher but said he had no inclination to write on walls any longer.

Frequent Roots collaborator Dice Raw, who released a solo single Friday called "Rear Window," also showed up to the Wall Ball, as did James Poyser, Frank Knuckles, and original Roots bassist Leonard "Hub" Hubbard.

The event raised about $330,000 for the Mural Arts Program. Dice said he used to write Dice and also KRL a play off his given name Karl Jenkins and says he got up on walls all over the city. Like Trotter, he said those days were way behind him.

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