VIDEO: Kevin Hart cannot sing, records album anyway

Generally speaking, entertainment crossovers don’t work out—think Robin Williams performing drama, Michael Jordan playing baseball, Sylvester Stallone painting anything. Now, we can safely add Kevin Hart attempting a move to the music world to the list. 

CollegeHumor teamed up with Hart to bring us the sketch below, which features Hart attempting to kick off his R&B career—though, without the voice to match. Dubbed Hart’s Beats, Hart’s joke debut album features tracks like: 

  • Hepatitis C Yourself Out of My Life
  • Sorry I Called You the Wrong Name
  • Adult Braces Girl
  • I Didn’t Know You Were Sleeping

And more, of course. Even if they were real, though, it’s almost guaranteed you wouldn’t want to listen to them for anything other than the cringe factor—if at all. Because, at the end of the day, Kevin Hart is a comedian, even if he doesn’t mean to be. 

Besides being terrible at singing, Hart subsequently burns a smudge stick, asks for more volume in his headphones (duh), and does his best Beyonce. Check it out for yourself below:

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