Tracy Davidson says she's here to serve God.

When NBC10's Tracy Davidson tells people she's pursuing her master's degree in pastoral counseling at Chestnut Hill College, she's quickly asked "What are you going to do with that?"

Her reply: "Whatever He calls me to do. I'm here to serve."

Tracy Davidson feeds meatballs to her dog, Charlie. He is fed in a special chair due to a problem with his esophagus. Photo: Alyssa Cwanger/Staff Photographer

Davidson, an anchor and consumer-affairs reporter for the station, told us last week that she "felt a calling six or seven years ago to really be able to talk about God. I wasn't sure how I could help others, but I wanted to," said Davidson.

Davidson, a Catholic, says her studies are related only to the Christian faith, and she will become a "spiritual director" in order to "help people on their journey to be closer to God."

She won't be hanging a shingle offering her services as a business, but Davidson hopes that friends, colleagues and those in her church community, where she's a Eucharistic minister, will continue to seek her wisdom. She is routinely contacted through her Web site by people with questions of spirituality.

Davidson says counseling people about personal issues such as their spirituality is what she was meant to do and "what I do for a living is an extension of what I do," referring to helping people with money matters.

We asked if she had interest in blending her spiritual and TV worlds and perhaps hosting a religious show. While Davidson said she had no plans for such a show, the idea did seem to intrigue her.

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