The presidential election, 'American Idol'-style

Seems that presidential candidates are getting their grooves on this election cycle.

Video was released of Mitt Romney warbling "America the Beautiful" during a campain stop last night: 

Of course, ol' Mittens was inevitably going to be compared to President Barack Obama, who recently sang Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo, leading sales of the song to jump 490 percent.

Because we don't care about politics all that much over here on the entertainment blog, we'll stick to what we know: Judging these two men on their voices rather than their political stances. 

It go us thinking: If the presidential election was held like an episode of "American Idol," who would Ryan Seacrest announce as the winner?

NOTE: We couldn't find any videos of Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul singing so they're out. The only clip of Santorum singing was this bit of "Strangers in the Night." That wouldn't get him past Hollywood week. But if Newt, Rick or Ron's people want to send us a video of them belting out Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" next time they discuss their education platform or something, we'll totally post that too.

While Obama has a better voice from the small sample we have, that doesn't make him a better performer. Let the judging begin!

Song Choice: Point to both. Romney and Obama chose their songs well considering their respective audiences. Although, if Romney wants to appeal to a younger demographic, he might need to take a lesson from 2008 (To Romney: We're kidding. Please don't go to the Baha Men well ever again. Unless you timewarp back to the year 2000. Then it's cool.) 

Outfit: Both failed. Romney's jeans and blazer did not mesh with the solemnity of his song choice and we wanted more pizzazz from Obama's suit to fit the funkier tune. 

Stage presence: Point Obama. This one is like pitting Lady Gaga up against a banana slug. No, wait. Banana slugs have too much charisma.

Commitment: Point Romney. He stayed with the song longer and didn't flub any of the words, despite his shortcomings. You can tell he really wants this. And there's always Autotune.

What the judges might say: Romney would clearly get slammed for his vocal prowess. You can almost hear Randy say, "You're too pitchy, dog," as the crowd boos his criticisms. J. Lo would laugh and praise Obama's easy stage presence, but implore him to share more of his true self onstage. Steven Tyler doesn't even know where he is most of the time so we'll let him sit this one out.

What do you think the judges would say about this Romney/Obama sing-off? And, let's remember to keep the unimportant things -- namely politics -- out of it.