Terrence Howard allegedly beat his ex-wife while on vacation: report

Actor Terrence Howard secretly settled his case with his ex.

The relationship troubles keep coming for Lafayette Hill resident Terrence Howard.

In a new report that surfaced Monday, the actor has been accused of beating his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, badly during a recent trip to Costa Rica.

TMZ reports Ghent accompanied Howard to the tropical haven, where the two got into a heated argument of sorts that escalated into a situation where he allegedly "beat her up." 

On Tuesday morning, Ghent showed up to court with a black eye and later granted a restraining order against Howard. The 44-year-old Red Tails star also requested a restraining order, but he was denied.

Howard's story is entirely different from his ex-wife's, where he alleges that she is framing him. TMZ reports that authorities were called and Howard claims Michelle had maced him, his daughter and another unnamed family member. According to the police report, Ghent allegedly threatened to kill Howard and his family during the incident.

At a film premiere in L.A. Monday night, Howard denied domestic abuse charges to ET's Nancy O'Dell. He said, "Unfortunately, I've tried to help people and it's note necessarily the same enlightened path of trying to help themselves." In response to the reports, he added, "We're divorced now, and it should stay that way."

As for the allegations over Howard beating his wife, the actor says, "I really can't harm a fly. It's completely against my spirit, I'm so heartbroken."

The two settled their divorce in May 2012. Howard kept both houses in Pa. and his 25 bank accounts - a coup for the Red Tails actor. In return, Ghent agreed to receive $5,800 in spousal support each month through 2015.

Howard is slated to appear in The Butler alongside Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. In July, Howard was announced as the latest actor to join Wayward Pines, M. Night Shyamalan's limited series for Fox.